Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Le Pop-Art de Jérusalem avec Dan Groover

Quand Info Live interview Dan Groover dans son atelier de Jérusalem, le peintre explique sa relation entre Pop-Art traditionnel & Pop-Art israélien.

"Tel Aviv Beach" by Dan Groover

Rencontre avec Dan Groover

Laissez-vous emporter par la magie de la Création.

"Le Sixième Jour" by Dan Groover

Curriculum Vitae Dan Groover

January 2016: "Turn Art On" Exhibition, Hanamal 12, Jaffa-Tel Aviv, Israel

December 2015: "Street & Urban Art" Exhibition, Urban Korner Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Winter Spectacular, Cinema City, Jerusalem, Israel

November 2015: "Art'Drenaline" Festival, Heichal Shlomo Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

July 2015: "Soul'Ame" Live Art, Old Train Station & Kikar haMusica, Jerusalem, Israel

April 2015: Yom Arts'Maut, Live Painting, Hechal Shlomo Museum, Jerusalem, Israel

March 2015: "Art & Twist" Auction, Suzanne Dellal, Tel Aviv, Israel

Februar 2015: "Voyage Intemporel" Exhibition, Librairie Prose, Paris, France

November 2014: "Tradition Contemporaine" Exhibition, Consistoire, Nice, France

LES VIOLONS DU COEUR, Art Auction, Paris, France
Street Art Graffiti Wall 35m, Ilan Ramon School, Modi'in, Israel

October 2014: CANNES ENCHERES, Art Auction, Cannes, France

September 2014: LE CHESNAY ENCHERES, Art Auction, Versailles, France

                            WIZO with CHRISTIE’S participation, Art Auction, Paris, France

June 2014: "Through Time" Exhibition, Keren haYesod, Nice, France
OSENAT, Art Auction, Fontaineblau, France

February 2014: "J'ai rêvé de l'Art prophétique / חלמתי על האמנות הנבואית" Exhibition, Art & Music Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

December 2013: "Sound of Pop-Art" Exhibition, Volvo, Tel Aviv, Israel

"Femme-תערוכת "חפש את ה, Holon, Israel

August 2013: "Regards Féminins" Exhibition, Old Train Station, Jerusalem, Israel

June 2013: "In the Shade of Light" Exhibition, LIGHT FESTIVAL, Jerusalem, Israel

March 2013: “Degalim” Exhibition, Jewish Art Festival in the Old City, Jerusalem, Israel

September 2012 – October 2012: Art Exhibition BograShaul Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

July 2012: Festival de la Francophonie, Jerusalem, Israel

October 2011: Live Painting for Guilad Shalit, Jerusalem, Israel

September 2011 – October 2011: "Street/Pop Art" Exhibition, Emek
Refaïm, Jerusalem, Israel

June 2010 – July 2010: “Foot moi la paix”, Bataclan, Paris, France

April 2010 – May 2010: Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain, Paris, France

April 2010: Art Cannes, Cannes, France

2008: F.I.A.C., Contemporary Art International Fair, Start Gallery, Paris, France
MATSART, Art Auction, Tel Aviv, Israel
60 years of Israel Exhibition, Long Island, New York, U.S.A.

2007: Music Video Design, “Les Enfants d’Israël”, Shmoolik, Jerusalem, Israel

2006: “Jerusalem Yesterday and Today” Exhibition, Start Gallery, Paris, France

2003 – 2005: “Vision into the Holy Letters” Project
“Perspective on the Six Days of Creation” Project

2002: Street Art Graffiti Wall, “Center One” Mall, Jerusalem, Israel
Metal Works Creations, Jerusalem, Israel

1994: Street Art Graffiti Wall "The City", 4-level building with French governmental cooperation, Pointe-à-Pître, Guadalupe

1993: “The Labyrinth, the Act and the Ladder” Exhibition, Manapany Hotel at Saint Bartholomew, Saint Martin, Caribbean Islands and Paris, France

1992: Lecture at the Academy of Arts “La Guardia School”, New York, U.S.A.
Design for the movie “Simeon” directed by Euzhan Palcy, Guadalupe
Stage Design for the MTV Live Performance of the French Rapper MC Solaar, French West Indies

1991: Stage Design for the James Brown Caribbean Tour
Street Art Graffiti Wall for the French TV donation program “Telethon”
Street Art Graffiti Wall 600m long, Baie-Mahault Stadium, Guadalupe
“When The Bombs Are Talking” Exhibition, Epson Gallery, Guadalupe

1989-1990: Studies at the Art Academy “Les Beaux-Arts”, Martinique

1984-1989: Member of the HIP-HOP Artists Group U.B.C. & T.S.B., Street Performances in Eiffel Tower and “La Defense” square, Paris, France

Dan Groover & Shmoolik, "Les Enfants d'Israël"

Découvrez le Making Of du tournage du clip "Les Enfants d'Israël" de Shmoolik, avec la participation de Dan Groover pour les décors.

SaHaD, Shmoolik & Saadya

Press Articles about Dan Groover's Art

De ses débuts de carrières dans les Caraïbes auprès des Ténors comme le chanteur de Soul Music James Brown et le chanteur de rap à textes MC Solaar, à son explosion artistique en Israël, découvrez la rétrospective en images de presse des 25 ans de carrières de l'artistes Dan Groover.

Dan Groover

MATSART, December 2008

MATSART, December 2008


Dan Groover is a Franco-Israeli Artist and painter who has over time combined, his personal progress to the most modern techniques in his art work. In the 1980s Groover began leaving his imprints around Paris and its suburbs by offering his original creations to passers-by.

The vivid colours and the bright light of the Caribbean, where he moved as a teenager, inspired him in his new creations. He completed several major projects inspired by the Carribbean, such as a wall fresco of six hundred meters around the Baie-Mahault stadium in Guadeloupe, artwork on building facades, movies and concerts sets, such as James Brown during his Caribbean tour.

It was then, that gradually Groover realized the transience of his artwork and at twenty years old, with the encouragement of his family, he began to expand and translate his work onto canvas, influenced by rhythmic creations including art pop and street music , as well as comics and imagery of New York city , its icons and lively boulevards , through its singers AcideJazz. He soon became one of the key artists of the Pop-Art scene ranging over the Caribbean, New York and Paris. After visiting in New York, he wandered between street art, museums, rap concerts in Brooklyn, bohemian artists over the rooftops of Queens and teaching Street-Art at the La Guardia School. He then returned to the West Indies with new dimensions of artistic perspectives.

 Then, once he had become a fulfilled and established artist, Groover looked for a new meaning, an innovative edge to his artistic approach and decides to return to origins. It is in Israel, where he was born that Grover becomes Dan Groover.

When in contact with this land of many roots, he immersed himself in the study of ancient and esoteric texts from which he draws a visual world full of both Israeli culture and the sacred symbolism related to Judaism for his creations. Just like Jacob's ladder, placed as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, Dan Groover applies a universal dimension to contemporary techniques of his art that is meant to be accessible to all, employing the graphical language and the visual Pop-Art and Street-Art.